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Mamee Sllrrrp TVC

I saw the following tvc during my usual grocery shopping in Giant. It really caught my attention. Just hilarious.

As a result, I bought and tried Kari Berapi. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to use the fire extinguisher as shown in the tvc. As matter of fact, my tongue didn’t feel numb after eating Kari Berapi. So in terms of spicyness, Kari Berapi has lost to Maggi Kari Letup.


Sorry Mamee. Try to do better the next time.


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Kampar Fish Ball Noodle

My favourite Kampar Fish Ball Noodle at Sun Hin Loong SS2 has gone up another 20 sen. A small bowl costs RM 4.20 now. Food is becoming more expensive and my disposable income is becoming smaller by the day. I doubt the recent fuel price drop announced on the 22nd August 2008 would change anything. What to do?

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Ramly Burger

It has been a long time since I ate a Ramly burger. In my opinion, Ramly burger is the sloppiest burger in the world. The manner the Ramly burger is drowned in an array of sauces is just amazing. I understand Jennemede is yearning for a Ramly burger. Jennemede, thanks to you I had one amazing Ramly burger recently. Yes, it still tastes the same. Sorry I can’t send one to you as I am sure Ramly burger violates a few FDA health codes. Hopefully the photos below will reduce your urge. Cheers.



May 12, 2008 at 10:58 am 2 comments

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