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Garmin nüvi 205

After Suzanne has gotten lost twice in the Klang Valley, I have decided to get her a GPS device as an early birthday present. Alex, my uni housemate has recommended this brand called Garmin to me. He has also asked me to check out for more information.

I have settled on Garmin nüvi 205 based on my budget. I bought this unit from a guy called rafizi who has received many positive feedback from the visitors to

Garmin nüvi 205 provides voice direction which can be a good thing. Being an US device, it likes to use the word “ramp”. US doesn’t have U-turns either, so the device will tell you to turn right and turn right again. Overall I believe it is a good buy. We can stress test the nüvi 205 during our trip to Port Dickson later.


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O2 Stealth

I am ready to put myself in the market for a PDA phone. My Nokia 6610 key pads are driving me crazy. The key pads are becoming less sensitive and it is frustrating when it comes to typing text messages. I also need a phone with a camera now. It is easier to take pictures of product samples and barcodes with a phone camera as compared to a digital camera.

Apparently, Atti2de has a few unused PDA phones and willing to part a o2 Stealth to me. So I better save up fast by drinking more ice chinese tea instead of Coke during lunch breaks.

Currently, I uses a Palm m515 to keep my personal balance sheet, surf Avantgo and keep notes. Hopefully I can migrate these functions to the o2 Stealth.

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Aztech ADSL Modem

My 4 years old Aztech DSL 305E modem is dead. I was using the Internet when the sky started to pour. The lighting struck nearby and I heard a sparky sound from my modem. I knew my modem was busted.

I went to buy a new Aztech DSL 605E at Computer War. Yes, I am loyal to Aztech. I have been using Aztech modems since Jaring days. The new modem is more compact. Hopefully, it doesn’t suffer the same fate as its predecessor, at least not until it is 5 years old.

Atti2de, thanks for the offer but I rather not bother you with such a small thing.

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Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder For Sale

Selling things on eBay is easy. I have managed to list my Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder on eBay with the help from Atti2de. I chose eBay over lelong because I don’t have to pay any commission fee “for now”. The reason I said “for now” is because eBay required me to provide my credit card number. I believe eBay will start charging commission fee once eBay reaches lelong critical mass. In the mean time, please click on the link below if you are keen to buy a coffee grinder.

Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder For Sale

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Kodak C763

Kodak C763

I have bought a new digicam, a Kodak c763 as an upgrade for my broken C653. Originally Compugates wanted to offer C613 but it was out of stock. They have offered C763 instead and I am poorer by RM 530 now. By the way, Kodak Service Centre is no longer in operations. Compugates is handling all Kodak digicam service related matters.

Kodak C763 is a 7.1 MP camera and it offers a 2.5in LCD screen. This is my first camera without a viewfinder. The other useful function is the digital image stabilization. I have yet to try it out but hopefully it will improve my photo shots.

Kodak C763 uses Li-Ion batteries however. Now I have an extra 4 GP rechargeable AA batteries. I will stash the AA batteries in the store room. The 7.1MP resolution should give me better pictures although I doubt anyone would notice the difference between a 5 or 10 MP anyway.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this camera. It is quite compact and light. I hope this camera lasts longer than my previous model.

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Dpod TR 38 Tripod

The search for the broken tripod was tougher and took longer than I thought. I have searched all the photo shops in SS2 and One Utama but none of them carried Zah TR 240 tripod. I took my search to the Internet and found this web site that advertised the tripod. I was so elated when the owner of the web site, Joe contacted me and told me he has stock for the Zah TR 240 tripod. However, luck was not on my side when Joe forgot my mobile number on the day we were supposed to meet. Joe returned the tripod to his supplier and some other buyer bought all the stocks a few days later.

I extended my search to Sungei Wang Plaza and Low Yat Plaza but it was unfruitful. I took Joe’s suggestion to buy Dpod TR 38 tripod instead. Dpod TR 38 is slightly longer, bigger and heavier than Zah TR 240. I hope my uncle likes his new tripod. At least I am glad this episode is over.

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Poorer by the day

I have also broken a tripod on the same night that John dropped my digicam. Guessed I was too rough. Now I have to replace this tripod since it was borrowed in the first place. The well gets dryer by the day.

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