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Babysitters in SS2

Here are the contacts for two babysitters located in SS2.

1. Chow Yang side – Aunty Ah Lian 016-6223681

2. Bomba side – Aunty Ilene 016-2858045


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Dog Killer

I may have killed a dog recently. I was driving out for dinner. There were a few maids walking their dogs. I actually stopped my car since the dogs were occupying quite a fair bit of the road. When I thought the coast was clear, I went over something. Someone shouted and I knew I ran over a dog which was not leashed. Like any other accident, the incident happened very quickly. The dog managed to went back home. The girl owner started crying and I stood there helpless. I didn’t know what to do. This is my first time. Later, the girl drove off with her dog, presumably to a clinic.

Now I am afraid to check on the dog. I am afraid the dog may have been put to rest. I am kind of short this month. So I couldn’t offer to pay for the clinical fees. I would feel real guilty if something bad happened to the dog.

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Does An Office Make A Man?

I have always wondered how it feels like to have your own room. Does it mean you have reached the pinnacle in your career when you have your own room? Do you expect to be treated differently? Would your peers treat you with more respect? Well, I reckon this room thingy is slightly over-rated.

Here is the list of inconveniences:

1. For one, you have to start locking your room door now. You would have to ensure you bring the door key to work every day.

2. The room window leaks every time it rains (it’s an old building). I suppose that is a small price to pay for having a window.

3. You are so used to pinning your documents on your workstations. Now, you can only use the self-stick bulletin boards and you wonder what you are going to do with the extra pins.

4. All the sudden, you are all alone. You used to work in the companionship of your other colleagues. Now, you feel you are inside a matchbox.

Well things are not all that bad. You will definitely have more privacy. You can get to watch the latest episodes of House and Chuck without having to worry about anyone finding out. The space is more spacious. And you get to have personal discussions right in the comfort of your own room without having to book a meeting room on a different floor.

Anyway, it is too soon to really come to any conclusion. In any case, who would reject a room when you are given one anyway? So let’s see how things would pan out later. Cheers.

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Change is the most popular word used in Malaysia’s political world ever since March 8 general elections. I saw this photo in The Star newspapers a few days ago. Kind of scary Samy Vellu is still around, don’t you think? Ong Tee Keat is 53 years old while Koh Tsu Koon is 60 years old. Samy Vellu is already 73 years old and there is no sign of a smooth handover within MIC anytime soon.



On a separate note, this is the face of the new Youth leader in Malaysia. Another scary thought yah.

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Return of the EPF computer scheme?

I read this article in The Star yesterday, Return of the EPF computer scheme?. I really hope EPF would bring this scheme. I need to buy a new computer but I am broke now. I am sure EPF can find a more fool proof scheme. EPF also needs to allow repeat withdrawals every 2 or 3 years since computer technology obsoletes pretty fast.

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This is the new look for Looks interesting, doesn’t it? But I have been trying to login since this morning. Extremely slow. Perhaps Maybank should not migrate to the new look until it is absolutely ready. Such a waste.

October 17, 2008 at 3:40 am 1 comment

It’s a crazy world

You know there is something wrong when you are the last one to off the lights and leave the office.

There is something definitely wrong when you are on your way home, knowing that you have to grab a quick dinner and resume work after that.

Something is definitely not right when you are still working past midnight.

Something is terribly wrong when your children are waiting for you to go to sleep.

I hope you got my point by now because I am sick of using that phrase.

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