Paper Shredder and Fax Machine

June 28, 2008 at 2:34 pm Leave a comment

My boss has asked me to start acting my title in the office. By that, he meant I should stop wasting my time at the paper shredder and fax machine. He “caught” me recycling some paper at the shredder a few days ago. Today, I wanted to fax a proposal to my prospect but the fax machine was stuck. Hence I had to unstuck the paper which was located right in front of my boss’ office. That was how I received my second reprimand.

What does acting my title mean? I consider myself as middle management in my department. So does this mean I should get someone lower than me to do all the mundane work? Does this mean I need to suck up to my bosses more often? All sounds very foreign to me. I guess they don’t teach such things in uni.

I remember I learned something from some company training programme where it was all about work when I first started work which is kind of true. As you climb the corporate ladder, you manage lesser work and more of people. Does this mean I need to spend more time with my peers and subordinates? Once again, I hit a dead end since I am still managing a lot of work. You can’t really inspire and motivate anyone when you are struggling to stay ahead of your workload.

One thing for sure. I better shred the paper only when my bosses are not around, ignore the fax machine when it is stuck and stop reloading the water dispenser even though it is empty.


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