Somewhat smooth week

December 24, 2007 at 1:24 am Leave a comment

Third week went smoothly under my mother in law care. What do you expect? We are talking about an experienced full time housewife here. The only setback was John contracted a throat viral infection. All our regular doctors were closed on Wednesday. We went to see a normal GP instead. However, John vomited all the medicine and developed rashes on Thursday. We thought the rashes was due to his refusal to eat the fever medicine. Things didn’t improve on Friday and off we went to see another doctor in Pantai Medical Centre.

Well, now we know John is allergic to Klacid due to the rashes that he had on his body. He was given a different antibiotic called Zinnat and some allergy medicine. He has shown signs of improvement. However, John has spread it to Matthew as expected.

On a separate note, I had to venture into 3 different shopping malls before I could buy the Ben 10 watch for John. All Ben 10 merchandises were practically sold out. I guess all the children must be getting Ben 10 toys for their Christmas’ presents.

Ben 10 Omnitrix FX Watch

Source: Toy R Us UK


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Two down, 3 more weeks to go Offensive

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