Full Circle

May 1, 2007 at 11:46 pm Leave a comment

The Firefly saga has come to a full circle, or so it seems. Here is the string of events that occurred since Firefly’s inaugural flight:

1. FAX has offered to return all rural services to Firefly, a subsidiary of MAS
2. The government asked FAX to submit a written plan
3. MAS also wants to study the said written plan
4. The government has asked Firefly to take over FAX operations
5. MAS is hinting at a new outfit for the rural air services

wants to focus on making money and not bogged down by performing a national service duty. On the other hand, MAS is a I guess all these decisions seem logical and it is a win-win for both MAS and AirAsia. AirAsiaGLC and it cannot avoid this duty. MAS is also making progress on its business turnaround plan and the launch of Firefly basically seals the deal.

Personally speaking, I am looking forward to a more integrated flight route in Sabah and Sarawak. The flight convenience has been impacted ever since FAX took over the RAS in East Malaysia. Hopefully, the service will be back to “normal” soon.


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