Medical Checkup

September 14, 2006 at 2:30 pm Leave a comment

I went for a medical checkup a few weeks ago. First, I had to donate some urine in a empty Brands Chicken Essence bottle. I hope the masking drug will do its job in hiding the performance enhancing drug. Now what a minute. How am I going to conceal the masking drug? Hmmm…..

Anyway, I was required to check my height and weight which was followed by the eye test. I find the eye test ironic since I am wearing spectacles. Of course, I can read the alphabets with my glasses and can’t without it. Next, I had to fill a form that basically claimed that I have no diseases what so ever.

The chest x-ray proceeded without much fuss. The doctor examination was the final item on the card. The doctor checked all the vital organs. Now the highlight of the day was when he carried out the incontinence test. I had to strip down my underwear and coughed 4 times. Of course he checked to ensure I didn’t leak during the coughing. Then he cupped my balls. I went berserk. What the heck? Why did you touch my balls? No answer was forthcoming because I didn’t go berserk. I just made that part up. However, I was surprised the doctor touched the cherries because the previous female doctor kept her hands to herself during my earlier checkup. Honestly, I am still dumbfounded about this incontinence test until now. It is not like I will wet my computer keyboard when I work in the office right…


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