New Drinks – Pepsi Gold, Seasons Red Bean Soya, ShiZen Green Tea and Yeos Isotea

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Pepsi Gold

Pepsi has reintroduced Pepsi Gold for the recently concluded World Cup 2006. Pepsi has also launched a gold coin contest in conjuction with this Pepsi Gold launch. I have decided to give this new flavour a try since I didn’t dare during the previous launch. In all honesty, I couldn’t taste this new flavour. Not too sure if my tongue is deformed but Pepsi Gold tasted like a normal Pepsi Cola. I surfed Pepsi Malaysia web site hoping to find out more information about Pepsi Gold but I was disappointed. So the only special attribute about Pepsi Gold is its unique golden hue.

Rating: 2/5

Seasons Red Bean Soya

Unlike Pepsi Gold, there wasn’t any event to mark the launch of this new Red Bean flavoured Soya Bean drink by F&N Seasons. However, Seasons Red Bean Soya shares a similarity with Pepsi Gold. There are no details about this new drink on its web site either. I wasn’t sure which flavour was stronger at first. I couldn’t differentiate whether it was a soya bean with red bean drink or red bean with soya drink. I began to appreciate the drink after a few more sips. I really liked the combination of both the soya bean and red bean flavours. There is a little surprise for you towards the end of the drink. So make sure you really finish the can to find out the surprise.

Rating: 4/5

Shizen Green Tea

Personally, I only consume green tea with japanese food. I prefer my green tea to be cold rather than hot. So I never really understood the concept of drinking green tea in a can. I believe Yeos started this innovation in this country and Coca Cola has joined the bandwagon with the introduction of Shizen Green Tea. Shizen comes in 2 flavours, Jasmine and Calamansi Lime. I never caught on the trend of drinking green tea outside a japanese restaurant. Hence there is nothing special about Shizen. I am giving a below average rating for Shizen simply because of my personal preference rather than the taste of the drink itself. Overall, Shizen tasted okay.

Rating: 2/5

Yeos Isotea

In line with the health benefits of green tea, Yeos has launched a new Isotonic drink called Isotea. Isotea marks Yeo’s penetration into the Isotonic drink segment. Yeos is probably the first company to introduce ready to drink green tea in Malaysia. Now, Yeos has managed to combine the green tea extract with Isotonic. Isotea tasted like any ordinary Isotonic drink. I couldn’t really taste the green tea. Compared to the other Isotonic drinks, the green tea extract has given a slightly sweeter taste to Isotea.

Rating: 3/5


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